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Ghost month is a tradition practiced during the 7th month of the lunar calendar in which it is believed that the spirit world opens to the living world. During this period, superstitions are practiced to ward off unwanted spirits that bring bad luck. Despite all these superstitions that may hinder you from pursuing great property investment deals, luckily there are ways to make the right decisions without the fear of falling into bad luck.

Here are some of the common ghost month superstitions in the property sector and how to deal with them:

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Superstition #1: “Don’t make any major business decisions!”

Chinese belief says that making major business decisions during this period could attract evil spirits and bring you misfortune.


Delaying crucial decisions can be detrimental for your business. When facing situations where you need to make key decisions for your business, do as much research and analysis beforehand in order to be properly guided about what you will be dealing with. Through proper research and analysis, you get to avoid the bad luck of making impulsive decisions.


Superstition #2 : “Projects under construction may bring bad luck!”

Chinese belief says that it is inauspicious to begin new chapters in life such as starting a business or starting the construction of a property because the noise coming from a construction could disturb unwanted spirits and bring bad energy.


Project delays may do more harm than good for you and your business. If the project construction started prior to ghost month, it is perfectly fine to carry on with your plan to avoid problems that may arise from putting off what has been planned for years.


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Superstition #3 : “Avoid moving in or out of a property!”

This comes from the belief that unwanted spirits tag along with you when you move into a new property during the ghost month period.


Moving in or out of a property is a big decision that does not just come out of nowhere. You should feel safe going in a certain direction as long as you have thought things through and weighed in all the factors that may affect your decision. However, if you still feel hesitant about moving into your new home or office, you can practice a little bit of Feng Shui for your peace of mind. According to tradition, when not in use, keep your doors closed at all times to avoid attracting jealous spirits from entering your property. Another practice you could do is to carry glutinous rice and salt wherever you go because the rice symbolizes good fortune sticking to you while it is believed that scattering salt around your property brings in good karma. Again, people have different ways of coping with change. The important thing is that we observe harmless practices and calculated risks.


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Superstition #4: “Investments made during this period won’t flourish!”

Businesspeople usually stop their transactions and investments during this period due to the belief that transactions made during this period attract negative energy that could cause financial problems.


From another perspective, ghost month could be the right time for you to make investments. Just make sure that you do your proper research with the help of the experts, you can be assured that you will not make the wrong financial decision.


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