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Renowned for its captivating tourist destinations, Philippines is also home to some of the most sought-after vacation spots and real estate opportunities. Let’s take a closer look at four exceptional islands, beach resorts, and hotel properties for sale that capture the essence of luxury, tranquility, and sustainable living in the Philippines.


Kamia Bay Resort

KMC Savills | Kamia Bay Resort

Kamia Bay Resort stands as a testament to Palawan’s allure. Built in the country’s top tourist destination with a strategic location in Puerto Princesa, this expansive resort covers 42 hectares of land and is conveniently located 36.4 km from Puerto Princesa International Airport and roughly 31.6 kilometers from the city center.

Complete with a rest house, a docking area, direct beach access, floating cottages, and a well-connected road network, Kamia Bay Resort offers a perfect experience for tourists flocking to Palawan daily.


Marindeg Island for Sale

Marindeg Island | KMC Savills

If you are looking to invest in a more private paradise, Marindeg Island, popularly known as "Double Island" presents a unique opportunity. This 4-hectare island is located in the northern part of the province at Port Barton, San Vicente, Palawan. This private property features a cozy rest house, several cottages, direct beach access and is conveniently located just 15-20 minutes from the nearest port.


El Nido, Palawan Island Resort for Sale

El Nido, Palawan Island | KMC Savills

Enjoy a luxurious retreat in one of El Nido’s best-kept secrets: Qi Palawan. This 37,722 sq m property located on the northeast coast of Palawan is listed on the market for sale. It is a beachfront property that hosts villas, cottages, outdoor pools, open-air restaurants, dining areas, and a spa.

Tourists staying in this resort can truly immerse in nature and experience exclusivity and luxury. Tucked away on the east coast of El Nido, guests can enjoy a pristine beach, crystal clear waters, lush greenery, and a virgin forest. Qi Palawan also promotes economic and environmental sustainability by minimizing its carbon footprint. Sustainable materials such as bamboo and solar energy are also used in the construction and operation of the resort.


Boracay Hotel and Resort for Sale

KMC Savills | Boracay Hotel and Resort

Moving to the Visayas region, we have another investment opportunity strategically located in the most sought-after area along the beachfront hotels in Boracay station 1. White Coral Hotel, is a mini family-owned boutique hotel located in Station 1 of Boracay. This hotel offers 5 deluxe rooms and a 2-bedroom penthouse. Each room is complete with a private bathroom, 1 queen-sized or single bed, cable TV, Wi-Fi connection, air-conditioning units, hot and cold shower, kitchen facilities, private balcony, and its own separate entrance.

Built by the renowned Decimal Builders, the property’s design is inspired by their signature Zen architecture, incorporating minimalist features that make it stand out from the rest of the properties in the busy island. It is surrounded by high-end bars, restaurants, and cafes, and is booked for the whole year.

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